Dear Mike, Impassioned

Dear Mike,

I hope this finds you well.

Over on that other site of mine, Anonymole, myself and a fellow who goes by the name of DesertCurmudgeon have started an exchange of sorts. He proposed a series of posts which chained together. I recalled that Seneca and Lucilius exchanged written correspondence which have been immortalized as Seneca’s Letters.

I thought the same technique might provide a similar platform for getting those creative writing juices going—over here.

I’ll pose a topic and you can reply, or not, with your thoughts; ending with a topic of your own. Alright, here goes…

I have these thoughts about the origins of food. Specifically, when cultures claim certain dishes to be authentic when in fact, they’re a New-World mixup. Take Italian food and the tomato. How can any Italian dish that uses the tomato be considered authentic when for thousands of years the tomato was trapped over in the New World? The same goes for hot peppers and Thai or Chinese food.

Now, for good food, I don’t care where a food or ingredient originated. As long as it tastes great, I’m in. Garlic from the older world, sesame from the Fertile Crescent, peppers from Central America, ginger from the East, wheat noodles from the Crescent, chicken from China—mix it all up for a great meal.

When do cultures get to reset their chronological food clocks? Or do they? What does the word “authentic” really mean? Should I be that impassioned when it comes to such things?

Is it spring or autumn where you are?

Your friend,


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I like black licorice and smoked oysters. And dark beer, of course.

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