Dear Dave, Original and Authentic

We name “things” like foods or seasons and think we know these named things. And in a simple way we do. It allows us to communicate with one another about different things and this of course has value.

But naming something and knowing it are very different. By naming something we feel better, feel wiser, and naming allows us to communicate with one another on a day to day level. But of course, we are kidding ourselves in the end for everything in existence is at the deepest level a thing of mystery as everything is a part of a universe of mystery of its existence and meaning if meaning there be.

What does original and authentic mean. Everything exists in time. Everything currently existing exists in the moment by moment—now. What was new becomes older. What is newly created out of existing parts is new at the moment of its bundled existence and then not new. Foods move and morph about as human cultures encounter one another. But everyone has food as everyone in every culture has music and dance and fantasy. And in places like New York City a vast array of these folks and foods can be found and enjoyed not to forget their function in providing the critical nutrient for all human life however we dress them up and name them.

But of course, if one is hungry for Asian food it helps to not try to get your Asian food needs by going to a Bosnia restaurant. But you could get a great pita which means pie, but don’t expect lemon pie with blueberry meringue on your pie/pita.

What is the reality of the label Italian or more broadly European, Asian or African and the multitude of finer separations of what is really at the core one multi-colored, multi-cultural inclusive and exclusive jumble of currently living human selves. By the way Italians divide themselves into numerous subsets/categories each of which think of themselves as the real Italians compared to the lesser claimants.

I think I am failing at this task but I did try.

Your friend.

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