Dear Mike, Transience

Dear Mike,

Thanks for your thoughtful post regarding the naming and knowing of things. It truly is hubris how we label “cucumber”, or “full moon” and think we know them. But isn’t that how we humans are? In constant need of having our humility reset?

What I take from your letter is that “authentic Italian spaghetti sauce” may indeed be authentic, given that all things are transient in the Universe. A thing may last for just a day, a mayfly for instance, but one would have to admit that that damsel-winged bug is just as authentic as yesterday’s? Or tomorrow’s.

It’s all in how we interpret the names and labels we so carelessly apply to things. Or how we reinterpret them. What is old is (or can be) new again.

During our walk today, we discussed many things, as we are wont to do. The one topic that we agreed was untenable, yet unsolvable was corporate power, greed and its insidious infiltration into society’s image of itself. I’d like to open that topic up to see if there were indeed some means to affect change as to how corporations oppress and control us. We acknowledged that corporations have become much too powerful, so powerful in fact, that they cannot be reined in—controlled so that they serve mankind rather than the other way ’round.

What factors might we mull that, exposed and popularized, might shift the political and social landscape in favor of the People?

Eager to continue our discussions, your friend,

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