Magic wands are a crutch

Wizards and witches in the Harry Potter Universe should not require wands to do magic. Magic folk are hosts of magic from birth. Both muggles and squibs are not endowed with magical potential, only magic folk are. Somehow, magic folk are genetically different; they are created as vessels for magic channeling. A wand in theContinue reading “Magic wands are a crutch”

Dear Mike, Transience

Dear Mike, Thanks for your thoughtful post regarding the naming and knowing of things. It truly is hubris how we label “cucumber”, or “full moon” and think we know them. But isn’t that how we humans are? In constant need of having our humility reset? What I take from your letter is that “authentic ItalianContinue reading “Dear Mike, Transience”

Dear Mike, Impassioned

Dear Mike, I hope this finds you well. Over on that other site of mine, Anonymole, myself and a fellow who goes by the name of DesertCurmudgeon have started an exchange of sorts. He proposed a series of posts which chained together. I recalled that Seneca and Lucilius exchanged written correspondence which have been immortalizedContinue reading “Dear Mike, Impassioned”

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