A word is a world apart from other words and other worlds

A word is a tag for something in our world that allows us to share with others what we and others see, hear, feel or otherwise experience in our real or imaged experiences.  The symbolic meaning/s are then added to the tag word for said experience and are also shared by more words. Before agricultureContinue reading “A word is a world apart from other words and other worlds”

Religion as a Human Universal

Religion in its broad sense is a human universal like dance and music and scores of other things as shown below. All of these universal exists as they have been naturally selected in the broad sense of the phase. Religion answers questions that otherwise can’t be answer, giving comfort and a sense of unity andContinue reading “Religion as a Human Universal”

Dear Dave, Original and Authentic

We name “things” like foods or seasons and think we know these named things. And in a simple way we do. It allows us to communicate with one another about different things and this of course has value. But naming something and knowing it are very different. By naming something we feel better, feel wiser,Continue reading “Dear Dave, Original and Authentic”

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